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Sunday, July 14, 2024  1:22:44 AM

Serious Nursing Home Injuries

None of us feel good about placing our loved ones in a nursing home, but often there is no other choice. When our trust in a nursing home is betrayed by a careless nursing home injury, elder abuse or a wrongful death, the family is often devastated. At The Linton Law Firm Co. L.P.A., we are committed to assisting the victims and families of nursing home abuse and negligence.

If you suspect that your loved one suffered as the result of negligence or abuse, it is critical that you contact an experienced attorney as soon as possible to preserve all necessary evidence for your case. At The Linton Law Firm Co. L.P.A., we will work directly with you to uncover every detail of the case. We will investigate your claim and purse it vigorously by reviewing medical records, obtaining policies, procedures and protocols from the nursing home to determine whether the nursing home's own policies were violated. We will also investigate the staffing levels of the nursing home to determine if those levels were appropriate.

Types of Nursing Home Injuries

We are experienced with all of the following injuries:

  • Bedsores
  • Amputations
  • Dehydration and malnutrition
  • Prescription or drug errors
  • Infections: C.Diff infections
  • Falls
  • Failure to monitor or lack of supervision
  • Unexplained or wrongful death

Lack of training and staffing issues

Many nursing home injuries caused by negligence or abuse could have been prevented with proper training or staffing. Unfortunately, many patients suffer as a result of under staffing, improper screening and improper training. With nursing homes becoming more crowded, many care facilities do not take appropriate measures to ensure that employees are properly trained or screened to work with patients. If someone you love has suffered from nursing home abuse or neglect, we can help you assert your rights against any negligent care facility or employee.

Contact us today at our Cleveland, Ohio, office for a free consultation with an experienced nursing home injury and medical malpractice lawyer.

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